19 Nisan 2009 Pazar

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Free WOW Private Servers Topsites A listing of the webs top websites hosting World of Warcraft Free Servers. WOW Private Servers, World of Warcraft Free Servers, WOW Private Realms, Play World of Warcraft for Free These World of Warcraft Private Server Sites are listed in order as voted by visitors from our member Sites. World of Warcraft a biggest world wide online game which host more than 10 million players world wide. I just finished the 10 days trial for original server of world of warcraft but don't intend to invest money to play continuously. Luckily one of my friend who know through ping.sg and he is a blogger as well name foxunlimited intro me the world of warcraft private server and again let me have a free and fun place to carry on my adventure from original. Really thanks to him and I really appreciated it. Good thing in life is to share right ,That's the reason why I post this entry because I want to share my joy and this world of warcraft private server to the rest and for all the visitor that spend your valuable time to read my blog entry thanks once again.VİDEO
Another greatest joke that I created was I thought after I put the talent point in the skill list then my particular skill will straight away increase or upgrade to another level when i use the default skill icon to cast my spell. I never know that I need to go to the master of magician to learn the higher rank skill that I had put on on the skill tree there. That's why when I'm level 20 magician still using level 1 fire ball to kill level 14 and above monster =.=" this is really a big sweat for me and I'm wondering why my damage was so low after I upgrade the skill and already level 20. Oh my god! And also can't find of the place to buy the magician staff and armor. All these are the bad experience that I overcome because nobody is there to guide me and I got no time to go and search for the guide in Internet also. I just log in and play the game only. Haha. Maybe it will be a useful tips for those who want to play World of Warcraft online and it's a newbie to this world.
Free wow private servers Had helped me the option, the use of WoW in the system settings for the user on the World of Warcraft servers, and so set as to the times in which the game can be used to isolate. I think that this one for children on the dangerous games to be banned somewhat, though not perfect. In addition to the seasons should probably also the duration may be limited.
After years of search I am on the program "Child 2008" pushed, the parents all opportunities to use the PC's for children to regulate (no, I get no commission, this is not an advertisement or recommendation, which is only a Experience report on a product that I'm convinced!). It may require the use of the PC's time, on the Hours of use on individual programs except the programs can always be used (eg school needed) to the behavior of the computer use outside of approved times everything in detail, even without an absolute geek to be. You can even arbitrary "TAN" s accounts, the child can enter, if necessary, in order to prolong the season. (We have not used this possibility, because this program just the discussions on the PC use should stop what we pretty democratic decisions on the use of time is very well done.)